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WVD Assist is a tool for use in the Azure Virtual Desktop environment.

It has support for both Classic and ARM environments.

It provides easy to use tools for admins to be able to assist remote users by granting the capability to easily shadow users, send messages to one or many, and remotely disconnect or log off bugged sessions at the click of a button.

You can also check the status of servers at a glance with the ‘Session Host Settings’ screen, and disable or enable logins to a specific session host. Additionally, with the latest release you now have the ability to start, stop or restart session hosts remotely, making maintenance tasks much easier to manage in one spot.

WVD Assist also provides the ability to add and remove users from application groups in just 3 clicks.

WVD Assist is designed to be easy to set up and intuitive to use. Therefore is no special configuration required and the only dependency is Java, which you can download packaged with the program. Once it is downloaded all you need is an WVD Assist account, your Azure account with administrator privileges and you can start to manage your Azure Virtual Desktop environment.

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WVD Assist
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